ATMS is short for Automatic Tunnel Monitoring System. It is categorised under Deformation Monitoring Survey and is a fully automated system. It will run 24/7, 365 days a year, continuously without any need for human intervention once the system is commissioned and initialised. It is fully capable of measuring the absolute displacement and distortion of the tunnel.

As described under Deformation Monitoring Survey, deformation could possibly be accelerated when there are on-going construction activities nearby. Therefore, to safeguard existing structures and prevent any unforeseen circumstances from taking place, continuous monitoring of the structure(s)' stability is of paramount importance.

Wisescan provides automated tunnel deformation monitoring in a survey context. Succinctly, an Automatic Tunnel Monitoring System (ATMS) is set up in the tunnel to carry out monitoring activities regularly throughout the day, throughout the period of contract. It is further complemented by intermittent manual checks to ensure results integrity.

Measurement cycles are automatically started at a pre-agreed, customisable timing. Upon completion, measurement data is processed then sent out to clients via emails. With technological advancements, data is now sent wirelessly thus reducing the lead time in retrieval of data. Typically, the analysis reports reach the clients latest within 15 minutes from the end of a measurement cycle.

These analysis reports are also posted online so clients (or authorised users) can have an alternative to view them in the event something went wrong on the email front. This has been improved to include a login page. Please visit ATMS@net to find out more. Additionally, these reports are tamper-proof. It cannot be edit by either the service provider or the user in any way.

The system also comes with an SMS alert system. It will automatically alert clients to check readings via sending out alert SMS when measurements breached a pre-specified threshold level.