Wisescan is a Professional Land Surveying Firm offering a wide spectrum of Land Survey services since our inception in 1992.

Our speciality lies in the provision of:

  • Tunnelling Survey
  • Automated Tunnel Deformation Monitoring Survey

Our services include:

  • Cadastral Survey
  • Engineering Survey
  • Gas-pipe and Cable-laying Survey

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Expo Station
This project involves the provision of Tunnelling Survey services from the Changi Airport Station to Expo Station. The whole project lasted 3 years and demonstrated exceptional survey accuracy in guiding the tunnel breakthrough.
This project last 2 years and involved both Surface Monitoring and Automated Tunnel Monitoring services, while the building is being constructed.
Singapore Management University
Another one of our Automated Tunnel Monitoring project which was also one of our most challenging as the length of tunnel being monitored is ≈ 470m, and a large part of it is in curves.
Changi Airport Terminal 3
Changi Terminal 3
This is also an Automated Tunnel Monitoring project, set to monitor the tunnels during the construction of Changi Airport Terminal 3.